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Choosing the Right Cat Bed for Your Cat

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Choosing a cat bed can be difficult. And, of course, finding the right cat bed is important. You want your kitten to be cosy, warm and happy when they are sleeping—and you want the cat bed to be a space that they can call their own.

All owners must make this decision at some point: the trick is to watch your cat’s habits and choose a bed accordingly. We’ve put together a guide to choosing the best cat bed for your cat so that they feel happy, pampered and can sleep like the royalty they are.


Types of cat beds

Because cats love to curl up and sleep wherever they can, there are many different kinds of cat beds available in the market. Do not worry about which one is the best – there is no the ‘best’ cat bed. Instead, choose one that would suit your cat’s preferences and daily habits. Below are a few options for the types of cat beds you can find.



This type of cat bed is a cushion filled with soft and comfortable down. There are various fillings for this kind of cat bed – such as fleece or high-fibre polyester – but as long as it is plush and comfortable, it does not really matter!



This new style of cat bed is gaining popularity. Cats seem to like curling up with these egg-shaped pods, which are usually made of plastic or hard fabric and lined with something soft and cosy.


Window perches

If your cat’s favourite place is the window and they like to fall asleep in whatever sunlight they can find or you find them dozing in front of the view, then a window perch cat bed is the best cat bed. These cat beds attach as perches on the window and allow your cat to sleep in her favourite spot.

Furniture style cat beds

These cat beds come in many shapes and sizes. You can buy a chaise cat bed, a tree cat bed, a castle cat bed, a bed-style cat bed – the list goes on. Several cat towers are now fitted with platforms on each level that are comfortable for your cat to snooze on. These beds may be a good choice to pamper your kitty, especially if they like style!

What to look out for when choosing a cat bed

Despite the range of cat beds available in the market, there are some considerations that can guide your choice. Below is a list of factors you should consider when choosing the best cat bed for your cat.


The material of the cat bed is very important. If your cat is allergic to certain materials, make sure you do not choose anything that can antagonise their allergies. Also choose material that your cat is comfortable with and likes to snuggle in. Faux fur and fleece are popular choices.


If you live in a place with a cold climate and your winters can get uncomfortable, consider buying a heated bed for your cat. This will just make their snuggle hours all the more comfortable and you will not have to worry about them being cold. This is especially important for older cats (whose joints are stiff and whom the cold affects more) and cats with thin or no fur (who may feel colder than you think).



The best cat beds are those that are durable and can survive some amount of scratching or biting. If you are investing in a furniture style cat bed, then do make sure that the structure is sturdy and is unlikely to collapse when your kitten is in it. This is especially important for window perch beds, where the drop to the floor may be substantial.



You should invest in a bed that is easily cleanable; you do not want to be replacing a cat bed too often, but you do want your cat to sleep in a clean space. Most cat beds are machine washable. Some, like the furniture-style beds, have fabric that you can either replace or that you can remove to wash. You may also want to choose material that does not trap pet hair, so that you can more easily remove it!



The number one consideration when choosing the best cat bed for your cat is: where does your cat like to sleep? This will likely determine which cat bed is suited to your cat. If your cat likes to fall asleep with a view, then the window cat bed is a great choice. If they like sleeping in elevated places, then the climbing tower cat bed is a good idea. Just follow your cat’s preferences to pick a bed they will love.



Choose a cat bed that matches the decor of your house. You do not want a cat bed that sticks out like a sore thumb – the bed should be part of the house. Once you have decided where to place the cat bed, make sure you buy one of the right size. You do not want to bring it home and find it does not fit!


Additional considerations when choosing a cat bed

You may also want to consider additional factors when choosing a cat bed, such as age and illnesses.

Cats who are older, for instance, cannot leap as well because their joints hurt and their bodies are stiffer. An elevated cat bed is not a great idea then, so that would exclude window perches or cat tower cat beds from the list. And kittens should not be given cat beds with lots of string or beads on them because they can chew and swallow these, which is extremely dangerous.

When choosing the best cat bed, simply look to your cat for guidance – and you are bound to make the right choice.

Now that you’ve got the perfect cat bed sorted, discover how to make sleeping arrangements for your kitten’s first night home.