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Disney Dog Names

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Everyone loves Disney. The franchise has captivated the hearts of both young and old alike and their effervescent characters are as charming as they are courageous, so it goes without saying that Disney dog names are incredibly popular. Find out our favourites in our list!

The world of Disney is full of magical stories that resonate with audiences across time. These tales that we cherish from childhood right up to our adult years provide us with heroes and heroines that inspire, funny and adorable sidekicks and of course, dastardly villains which have us rooting for the heroes even more.

So, when it comes to our four-legged friends, it's only natural that many of us turn to Disney dog names to find the perfect moniker. We've got names that are inspired by some of the best Disney characters to date, so whether your pup's a little prince or princess or your furry sidekick that's always there to entertain, there's bound to be a name you'll love!


Disney boy dog names

Disney heroes are truly one of a kind. They're strong, funny and always ready to save the day - which may make you think of a certain furry friend in your life! These are our top Disney boy dog names:

1. Mickey

What better Disney boy dog name to choose for your pup than the name of the king of Disney himself? Mickey's known as the mascot for the Disney brand and we think it'd suit a black and white dog such as a Border Collie!

2. Flynn

Flynn Rider is a charismatic prince from Tangled. If your dog boasts a charming and confident personality, this name would perfectly suit them.

3. Donald

Donald is one of the most mischievous - and perhaps temperamental - characters in the whole Disney universe. This name would suit a toy breed with a big personality best!

4. Simba

Although Simba's technically a cat, this name makes a wonderful Disney boy dog name too. Choose this name if your new dog or puppy is clever, kind and the king of your family.

5. Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is a relatively new Disney film and the main character is one that's charmed the hearts of many. Despite his large almost hulk-like appearance, this guy is sweet and kind - so we think this Disney dog name would perfectly suit a giant dog breed with a goofy personality such as a Bernese Mountain Dog.

6. Mowgli

Mowgli from The Jungle Book is a brave and curious character. Not one to follow rules, he's always exploring and learning new things - so if this sounds like your four-legged friend, this name may be a great fit!

7. Woody

Toy Story is a film that's cherished across a variety of age groups and the film's hero, Woody, is one of the most loved characters of all. Smart and determined with a fiercely loyal personality, this Disney boy dog name is ideal for the pup in your life.

8. Robin

Robin is an old and much-loved character known for his heroic deeds. A master of archery and talented in creating disguises, we think this name would make the wonderful choice for gundog types.


Disney girl dog names

Of course, the Disney heroines are worth their weight in gold too. These fearless, strong-willed ladies command the screen, similar to the way your four-legged princess may command your life! These are our top Disney girl dog names:

1. Violet

Violet is a quiet but strong heroine from The Incredibles. Boasting the power to turn invisible and generate force fields, Violet is always using her powers to protect those she loves the most. If your pup's fiercely loyal, Violet would make the perfect name.

2. Jessie

Everyone loves this heroine from Toy Story! Jessie's a hyper, free-spirited character that's always up for adventure and a joke. Choose this Disney girl dog name if your four-legged friend's full of energy and always happy.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine's a kind and courageous princess from Aladdin. This would make a wonderful name for a dog that's filled with wanderlust and loves nothing more than exploring with you.

4. Nala

This Disney girl dog name is perfect if you have a sleek, elegant dog that's as courageous as they are beautiful. We think it'd make the perfect match for a Golden Retriever or Labrador!

5. Lilo

Lilo is perhaps one of the more unusual Disney heroines, and we love her all the more for it! Full of spirit and slightly rebellious, Lilo would be a great name for smaller dogs that are always entertaining.

6. Shuri

Shuri from Black Panther is one of the more recent heroines on this list and she's far from the typical princess stereotype. Incredibly smart with a hilarious personality, this Disney girl dog name is the perfect choice for your clever but goofy pup.

7. Belle

Belle is a classic Disney princess and her name is just as charming as her personality. Intelligent, strong and always committed to doing what's right, we think Belle would make a wonderful name for just about any breed of dog!

8. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is already quite a popular Disney girl dog name! Heiress Paris Hilton had a Chihuahua with this name and we think it suits this breed particularly well due to the character's sassy and feisty personality.

Disney dog names

What better Disney dog name to choose for your companion than a name of an actual dog from a Disney film? These iconic four-legged friends have captured the hearts of viewers across the world, both because of their fun personalities and adorable looks! These are our top Disney dog names:

  1. Goofy
  2. Bolt
  3. Pongo
  4. Perdita
  5. Dodger
  6. Lucky
  7. Dug
  8. Pluto
  9. Max
  10. Percy
  11. Rusty
  12. Lady
  13. Pedro
  14. Bruno
  15. Toby
  16. Roscoe
  17. Copper

That's our list of our favourite Disney dog names! Looking for a more unusual name for your pup? Or perhaps a dog name that's more popular? Check out our lists for more inspiration, next!