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The Most Affectionate and Friendliest Cat Breeds

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We're often relieved to see the friendly side of our feline companions, but did you know that some breeds show it off more often than others? Here are some of the friendliest cat breeds you can wish for.

"Does my cat love me?" Many cat owners have asked themselves this question, feeling slightly apprehensive to find out the honest answer. But while the mystery of a cat's true feelings is likely to endure, we know that they do have a friendly, affectionate side. Felines might not win the dog's long-time title as "a human's best friend" anytime soon, but some cat breeds come pretty close.

Whether you're looking for the friendliest cat breed you can bring into your life or you already have a lovely cat to come home to and want to see how they measure up against other feline friends, here are some of the most affectionate cat breeds.


Abyssinian - the "You Only Live Once" cat

The Abyssinian is the cat friend you wish you also had in human form. Their penchant for living every minute to the fullest means you've got to get your energy levels up to match their always-on personality, but what a joy it is to have such an intelligent and friendly cat breed by your side, literally.

The Aby will stick within petting distance of their owner no matter what. You'll find them joining you in the kitchen when you're doing the cooking, perched on your shoulder when you're working from home and trying to snuggle next to you on a movie night. There is no doubt in these kittens' mind that you two will be besties forever and that's what makes the Abyssinian one of the loveliest cat breeds you can wish for.


Ragdoll - the laidback cat

When such a cute name is chosen for a whole breed of cats, you know there are plenty of cuddles to be had once you welcome a Ragdoll cat into your life. Recognised as one of the friendliest cat breeds, Ragdolls love nothing more than to spend time with their owner even if that means following you around when you're too busy for hugs.

Spend a few days in their company and you'll start wondering whether you've actually adopted a puppy instead of a kitten. Some owners take their puppy-like docile nature seriously and teach them to play fetch or even to come when called. You'll have little doubt that you're in the company of the most affectionate cat breed ever when the ball of fur can't resist flopping into your arms every time you hold them. What a cutie!


Persian - the ultimate lap cat

Fluffy equals cuddly in the feline world and when it comes to fuzzy kittens, the Persian is one of the most popular cats. You'll often find them patiently waiting for you to sit down so they can find their comfortable spot right on your lap. It's not always clear that they're still interested in their human owners once the petting session is over, but they're such a relaxed and friendly cat breed, they'll be able to steal your heart just by sitting quietly and looking pretty - which, according to their owners, they'll be doing plenty of.


Burmese - the curious kind

You'll soon find that the window sill is a Burmese cat's favourite place in the world. Their inquisitive mind just can't help staring at the world outside. But don't think they'll completely ignore their owners. There is only so much attention you can give a cat on a daily basis and the Burmese will take all of it. They will want to know what's in your cupboards, sit on your shoulder while you're browsing the Internet and poke their head between you and the TV. You might have a little less privacy with a Burmese in your house, but they will surely make up for it with cuddles. They are one of the most affectionate cat breeds you'll ever meet, always up for snuggling time and keen to have the kids playing around them all the time.

Chartreux - the polite cat

Never too loud or demanding and happy to wait patiently for their owner to come home without tearing the place down, Chartreux cats are always on their best behaviour. But don't think that they mind the company - quite the contrary.

These cats are friendly companions and will become instantly devoted to their human family. Guests and their pets will receive plenty of attention from a Chartreux cat as well. After all, who knows when a friend for life turns out to be among them? Their quiet nature also means that you won't hear more than a quiet chirp if something ever goes wrong, so check on this kitten frequently to make sure they're enjoying life as much as you do in their company.


Exotic Shorthair - the loving cat

The Exotic is closely related to the Persian and therefore borrows a lot of their quiet and sweet nature. They are known to love play time a bit more than a Persian and have considerably shorter hair which makes it easier to manage their grooming schedule. If you are looking for a loyal companion, the Exotic is one of the most affectionate cat breeds you can welcome into your life.


Maine Coon - the gentle giant

The Maine Coon manages to get the balance just right between being the loyal companion you expect from a friendly cat breed while keeping their independent streak. Despite their big physique they love nothing more than a good cuddle in your lap. A close second is perhaps making local mice run for dear life as they won't hold back showing off their chasing skills, especially when rodents are around.

The Maine Coon is a very intelligent cat so keep the toy box topped up with plenty of puzzle toys. Nothing spells fun for these kittens more than a good mental challenge.


Scottish Fold - the sweetest feline

The Scottish Fold is the happiest when next to their human owners. They're so keen to participate in all the activities that you will soon start suspecting they have no idea they're actually a cat and not a human. Their strong bonds with the human family are only challenged if their routine is disturbed, which means you might have to refrain from rearranging the furniture too often.

These cats come with quite a few unique quirks that you'll inevitably fall in love with: from their folded ears to their ability to sit up on their back legs. Add to this their affectionate nature which they don't hesitate to show to everyone in the family, and you might have just found the friendliest cat breed ever.


Siamese - the life of the party

If you are looking for a social feline that loves a good chat, you will look forward spending time with a Siamese. These kittens know how to make their presence felt with their boisterous personality.

Beautiful and intelligent, these felines are also quite fond of humans. But be aware that they are not too keen on being left home alone - they need to be with family or at least with another fellow Siamese to be happy kittens.


Sphynx - the social butterfly

With looks like no other, the Sphynx doesn't mind the spotlight at all. They'll have all the attention they can get and reward you with happy purrs and cuddles in return. They are talkative and playful and if that's not the definition of a best friend we don't know what is. Make sure you keep the Sphynx cat away from the elements though. Their distinctive hairless look means that they'll feel the chill on a wintery day and might even get sunburned in the summer. Other than that, lucky Sphynx owners can be proud to have one of the most undemanding and friendly cat breeds around.

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