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Can my cat drink milk?

It is commonly believed that cats love drinking milk. However, not many know that kittens are able to digest milk better than adult cats. Just like other infant mammals, kittens are able to digest lactose faster when compared to adult cats.
If you also have a growing cat at home and are wondering whether to give your cat milk and when it is time to cut down on their milk consumption, keep reading this article to know all about cats and their milk intake.

When should kittens stop drinking milk?

Kittens usually drink milk from their mothers until they start to wean. Weaning in kittens is a gradual process, where they slowly reduce their milk consumption and start eating whole foods such as kitten food or cat food. Kittens may begin eating whole foods as early as 4 weeks or can start consuming them late as when they are 10 weeks old.

Is milk actually healthy for cats?

Milk is not healthy for all cats especially when given in place of a balanced meal plan. Milk does not have enough nutrition required by your cat and skim milk can add an unhealthy amount of fat to your cat’s diet. If your cat is lactose intolerant, they will start emitting loose stool. Instead it is recommended that you introduce a proper diet to your kitty, one that includes a good cat food filled with all the proteins and minerals required by your feline friend.

Do adult cats crave milk?

Your cat can crave milk even though they have grown. Cats crave comforting things from their early years just like people. So, even though they may crave for milk, it is recommended to give your cat a limited quantity of milk.

Can I add milk to my cat’s favourite food?

Although it may seem like a good idea to add a little milk to your cat’s favourite food, this may result in your cat developing Gastro Intestinal problems. Therefore, it is advised that your figure out how much milk your cat can consume and give them the amount that can be tolerated by their tiny stomachs. A complete and balanced food does not require any addition of vitamins, minerals or other supplements, unless specifically directed by a veterinarian.

How to give your cat milk safely?

Commercially prepared foods that have milk in them as an ingredient can be consumed by your cats, as they use the correct amount of milk that is safe for your cat to consume. These foods are also complete and nutritionally balanced.

It is recommended that you check your cat’s stool to analyse whether the amount of milk consumed by them is safe or not and whether you should completely eliminate milk from their diet. You can also try adding water with your kitty’s dry food, as an alternative for their daily intake of milk. Happy feeding!

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