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Select the Right Cat for You

Getting a new cat or a kitten is an incredible experience. However, before you take this big step it is important to consider the best cat food, different breeds and color varieties, and which type of cat will fit best into your home environment. To ease this procedure, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and information about various cat breeds which you will find below.

Q1) Should I get a pedigree, crossbreed or mixed breed?


  • While buying a pedigree cat or kitten you will have a clear picture of their breed profile (physical looks and personality), the size the kitten will grow to and any breed-related health problems which may exist.
  • In some breeds, generations of in-breeding result in a greater vulnerability towards genetically inherited diseases.


  • They are considered to have a lower risk of inherited diseases
  • The breeding is not regulated. Hence, it is important to adopt them from a good animal shelter where they are well socialized and healthy.


  • They are generally healthier than their pedigree peers. They cost less to purchase.
  • You are not provided with a detailed history of the cat.

Q2) Can I adopt stray or feral cats?

  • Stray cats can readjust to living with people and can be adopted as companions.
  • Feral cats are not socialized to people and hence it would be in their best interest to allow them to continue living out on the streets.

Q3) Should I get my cat from a breeder or a rescue shelter?

  • Taking into consideration the millions of cats that are euthanized each year, you will be saving a cat’s life by adopting from an animal rescue shelter. Moreover, shelter personnel will often help you pick a cat with a personality which matches your home environment.

Q4) Should I get a male or female cat?


  • Male cats are usually bigger than females.
  • Un-neutered toms often develop anti-social habits like wandering away from home, pungent urine spraying and aggression.


  • Un-neutered females can be very vocal and difficult to keep indoors. They also get pregnant early. They have strong maternal instincts.
  • It costs more to neuter a female cat as compared to a male cat.

Should I get a cat or a kitten?


  • Although they are cuddly and hard to resist, they require constant attention. Be prepared to invest the time and energy into cat care.

Should I get a cat or a kitten?


  • May have already been neutred and are usually trained to a litter box.
  • More likely to sleep through the night, less likely to develop behavioral problems and are usually more grateful and affectionate towards their new owner.

Few Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cat

  • Keep a look out for personality, tolerance, activity level and compatibility with your family for starters.
  • When getting a cat, choose the one which responds positively to your touch and voice.
  • Make sure the kittens/cat appear healthy. Eyes should be bright and clear, ears should be clear of thick brown or black wax and nails smooth.

Now that all your cat-related worries have been put to rest, you can now trust yourself to pick the perfect furry addition to your home and family.

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