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Bathing your kitten

Cats don’t need regular baths and daily grooming. Only if they get really dirty, they need special cat care. If they’re rolled in something that they can’t wash off themselves, or they have long matted hair, a bath might be a good idea.

It can be really stressful for most cats to go through daily showers. Your cat may already dislike taking a shower, plus forcing them every time can make things worse. If you’re able to, just clean an isolated area, rather than getting their entire body wet.

However, if you think your kitten has come into contact with toxic substances, take them to the vet first.

What all do you need?

  • A large plastic bucket, sink or bath (lined with a non-slip floor mat) to use as a cat bath.
  • Specialist cat or a kitten shampoo. (Never use a human shampoo, as it’s unsuitable for cat hair and skin due to the difference in pH levels.)
  • A cat conditioner if required. Again, don’t use a conditioner for human hair.
  • A towel or two
  • A brush to help remove matts and knots

The water- take note!

You can go for a bucket filled with warm (note: it shouldn’t be hot) water. Cats need gentle care and affection. Also, remember not to overfill your bucket, as it make your cat anxious and your plan to get your little feline fellow clean may flop!

The tough part : To start and finish with their bath!

If your cat is scared, they may try to bite or scratch you. They may be nervous and moody. Give them some space and love (treats can work at times, though not too much).

  • Apply a small amount of shampoo and warm water to the contaminated area only. You can also rub some soap on their neck, tail and the underside of their body to make your kitty look absolutely clean and smell good!
  • When they’re ready to be rinsed, use one hand to operate the shower nozzle or pour a jug of warm, clean water and the other hand to protect their eyes and ears from contamination.
  • Repeat the process if you’re using cat conditioner. It is very important to rinse the shampoo and/or conditioner thoroughly. Once you’re happy that they’re fully rinsed, allow your cat to shake off the excess water. Bathing cats is as simple as that!


Generally cats prefer to be towel dried rather than dried with a hair dryer. Thereafter, leave them in a warm room to dry off naturally. Don’t let them go outside until fully dry, so that they don’t catch a cold.

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