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What if my food contains something unexpected?

If there's a packaging issue it could attract insects, this can be quite alarming to see and we're sorry if this happens. Find out what to do here.

Sometimes things can go wrong despite our best efforts. If there’s an issue with the packaging, a readily available food source can become available and attract insects. We understand how shocking this can be and offer our apologies for this.

Whenever something goes wrong, please let us know.

By sharing your findings with us we can make improvements. Please get in touch with us by phone or email to share your experience with us.

The batch codes from the box and from the pouch, tub or can are all really useful. If you’re able to get them (we know that this can be a messy job sometimes, so we totally understand if you can’t), they really help. A photograph of what you’ve encountered is also extremely helpful for our Quality Assurance Team.