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Medium-Sized Dog Breeds

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If you're not sure what dog is right for you, a few breeds are notoriously popular for being just right for households. Somewhere between the tiny pups and the gentle giants of the canine world sit the most beloved medium-sized dogs. Discover them here.

Small dogs are cute but they can be quite feisty at times. Large dogs are protective but can be a handful and may just drive you crazy with their love for fetching games. Sometimes the best of both worlds is somewhere in the middle. These are the popular medium-sized dog breeds. They're not too big, and not too small - they're just right!

The breeds on this list are all a similar size, but their personalities couldn't be more different. Here are some of the most lovable and friendly medium dog breeds.


Medium-sized dog breeds

Basset Hound - relaxed

Laid back, gentle and ready to become fast friends with every member of the family, including children, the Basset Hound comes with all the joys of having a dog. Their long ears and mournful eyes make them instantly recognisable, but they're also well-known for their copious drooling so keep this in mind if you're squeamish about the sofa and the carpets.

The Basset Hound is a loyal companion, but expect to see their stubborn side as well from time to time, especially if they happen to sniff an interesting scent. They'll decide for themselves if it needs to be investigated further so it's best to keep them on a leash when going on walks.

Collie - protective

Ever since they were made famous the world over by the TV show Lassie, Collies have become stuff of legend. Today they are one of the most popular medium dog breeds and for good reason.

They're extremely devoted to their human family, they love kids and, although Collies can be a bit suspicious of strangers, they won't turn aggressive on your new friends. You'll rarely hear them bark, but when they do it's more likely because they want to play! So get them out for a walk or offer them an exhausting session of dog play - nothing makes them happier.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll need a brush at the ready because a Collie's luscious coat is prone to getting tangled.

Cocker Spaniel - happy

Sitting on the smaller side of the medium-sized dog breeds group, the handsome and cheerful Cocker Spaniel will charm you instantly. They'll learn all the tricks you can show them, get along with everyone in the house and wag their tail every time they see you. What more could you wish for?

If you're looking for the cons of having a Cocker Spaniel in the family, there are only a couple we can think of. They're a bit fastidious with their coat, so regular brushing is necessary and maybe a visit to a professional dog groomer is needed every now and then. Make sure you also check their ears on a weekly basis as they can be susceptible to ear infections.

Golden Retriever - smart

Golden Retrievers are a constant presence in various dog breed lists, from the friendliest breeds to the super-smart and athletic ones. So it's only natural that we included them in the medium-sized dog breeds rundown.

Considered by some owners to be the perfect dog - beautiful, loyal, sociable and playful - the only thing Golden Retriever falls short on is their shedding habit. Expect a lot of dog hair and you won't be taken by surprise. A good piece of advice is to brush their coat regularly to get rid of some of the loose hairs before they end up on your furniture and clothes.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - vocal

Corgis have big dog stamina in a medium package. They are bold and quite vocal if they detect any strangers nearby. So if you are after a medium size dog that is also a good watchdog and fits in well with busy households, they are one of the best choices you can make. Their legs might be short, but they'll use them in spades and love keeping up with everyone in the family. Book an hour off for daily walking responsibilities and you'll have a very happy Corgi in the family.

Dalmatian - multi-talented

Not many of us can say they've got a Disney star in the family, but with a Dalmatian you can make this claim loud and proudly. Like any cinema star there are many facets to their personality you'll get to discover.

Historically they have been used as a hunter, a shepherd and a ratter. They've been circus performers, reliable border patrollers and brave war dogs. This means that their personality is a mash of diverse traits: they're funny, smart, loyal, high-energy and reliable. Do we even need to mention their distinctive good looks?

Pure dalmatian breeds are predisposed to deafness, so make sure you get their hearing tested from an early age.

Afghan Hound - unique looks

The Afghan Hound is not only a lovely medium-sized dog, but they're easily one of the most unique canines ever too. Their dramatic fur means you can expect plenty of runway-worthy moments, but their personality deserves just as much attention. They have a well-documented goofy side, so expect mischievous behaviour such as playing hide and seek with your shoes or opening the cupboards to rearrange the food cans.

The Afghan Hounds are gorgeous and they know it. Their diva attitude means they'll listen to what you have to say, but do as they please. Plus, don't expect them to treat guests with anything else other than condescending indifference. A small price to pay for the joy of having such an elegant and loyal dog as part of the family.

If you've found your pet mate in our medium dog breeds list above, congratulations! If you're still undecided, check out our picks for the smartest dog breeds and discover some of the calm dog breeds that love nothing more than to sit curled up next to you all day long.

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